Big changes on the way!


The Good Country is now much more than an idea, more than a TED talk and more than an Index: the Good Country is becoming a country, a virtual country with hundreds of millions of citizens.

We’re not doing this because we want to build a better country, but because we need a new country to build a better world.

Sounds like a big task? Well, the Good Country has a population of hundreds of millions before it even launches. Four years after Simon launched the Good Country Index at TED, our research has shown that at least ten percent of the world’s population fully shares the values of the Good Country.

That’s seven hundred million people, the world’s third largest nation. These are the people who, like me and perhaps like you, think of themselves as members of the human race first, and citizens of their own nation second; people who’d like governments to focus a lot more on collaborating and a little less on competing; people who don’t mistrust or dislike people just because they come from a different background; people who see a great future for humanity if only humanity could learn to work as one. We all belong to that nation: it’s where we were born. We speak its language, we share its values, and we’re longing to spend more time there, to meet our fellow-citizens, and start working together.

Our task now is to activate that vast, invisible nation; to grant it its sovereign status, and so to create a powerful new player at the heart of the international community. Not a movement raising awareness of the issues, not a campaign raising money and signing petitions, but a true sovereign power that designs and executes innovative new ways of solving international problems. And we’re lucky enough to be living in an age where such extraordinary things really can happen.

The Good Country will be a country without a government. Thanks to our cutting-edge AI technology, it will work as a self-organising system, guided and driven by its citizens. A virtual country that collaborates actively with other countries and shows them how to produce lasting results both for their own citizens and for the world as a whole. A country with the economic clout to create new international systems and structures where and when they’re needed.

And it’s nearly ready to launch.

Launch Plans

Since January last year, Madeline and I have been working to turn this vision into a reality, and this year we co-founded The Good Country Inc, a nonprofit company whose purpose is to design, build and launch the new country. We’re working with a growing team of interns and advisors to welcome our first citizens in the last quarter of this year.

We’ll launch in two stages, enrolling up to 200,000 citizens between September and December this year, then closing again for citizenship while we work with that ‘first nation’ to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Then, all being well, we’ll re-open for good in September 2019 and start reaching out to the rest of those 700 million people around the world.

We need your help to make this happen. If you’d like to get involved, by spreading the word to your own networks, friends and colleagues, by donating your time and skills to the Good Country, please just send us an email.

Once it launches, the Good Country will be entirely funded by a low annual tax on its citizens (probably in the order of $5 each per year if you live in a rich country, less if you don’t): this is important in order to ensure that it’s funded and influenced by its citizens alone.

In return, we promise that the Good Country won’t just talk about change: it will drive the change we all want to see.

We look forward very much to meeting you soon!